Stopping Zika: A call to action for Florida’s children, churches and corporations

Businesses, camps and churches, children, parents and teachers are being invited to join the Florida Department of Health in a campaign to prevent spread of the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne illness this summer.

The Department recently launched the kid-friendly Spill the Water! campaign, providing Florida’s children with information about mosquito bite prevention and inviting them to “be a hero and spill the water” in order to decrease the amount of mosquito-breeding standing water.

Using an interactive platform, kids are invited to learn and share with others how they are taking action to eliminate mosquito breeding ground.

Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Creole, Mosquito Bite Protection in Florida, a colorful infographic in print and electronic formats, provides simple ways to protect yourself and your surroundings from mosquitos. Local health departments have hard copies available for you to give to co-workers, parents, friends and family.

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