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Our mission: Creating healthy and sustainable communities by championing innovative public health policy and cross-sector collaboration.

KidsCollective Impact for
Healthy Communities

We are helping leaders and organizations align efforts and move from idea to action for results.

Three Areas of Excellence

Health In All Policies

Health In All Policies

We provide impartial analysis of the health effects of policy, projects, programs and plans.

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Research, Evaluation and Training

We use rapid-cycle research to support innovative ideas, evaluation to ensure accountability and training to develop collaborative leaders.

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A nonprofit public health institute, FIHI facilitates data-driven, results-based collaborative action; conducts community-focused research and evaluation, and provides impartial analysis of policy health impacts.

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FIHI’s projects are structured by our three Areas of Excellence. Through collaborative partnerships our projects deliver strategy, cutting-edge solutions, results and action to create healthy and sustainable communities.

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FIHI’s Blog provides a forum for open discourse about the latest buzz-worthy health topics. With thought-provoking content and links to the latest news, the Blog reveals the public’s take on public health matters.

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