FIHI statement on the Orlando shooting

June 16, 2016 (West Palm Beach, FL) – The Florida Institute for Health Innovation expresses our sorrow and support for the LGBT community in Orlando and abroad and for the loved ones of those killed at the Pulse nightclub. This atrocity reminds us that in 2016 the LGBT community remains marginalized due to discrimination, rhetoric […]

Every Community Deserves Good Health

Did you know that your zip code can be a predictor of your health? So can your place of birth, where you work and play, your income and education, and a host of other factors – in addition to the choices you make each day about what to eat, when to work out and whether […]

Florida leads the nation in Zika cases

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported 153 travel-related cases of Zika, and Florida tops the list. The state with the highest number of reported Zika cases, as of Friday, March 4, Florida had 48 confirmed cases, four of which are pregnant women. So why does Florida have the most reported cases? […] A new resource for Florida’s oral health advocates

A recent Miami Herald article reminds us of the significant challenges that Florida faces from Early Childhood Caries (ECC) — tooth decay among children ages 0-5. A physician at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital told the newspaper: “It is not unusual for us to take a patient 12 months of age to the operating room that has […]

The Oral Health Care System: Florida Analysis

The ADA Health Policy Institute (HPI) has created at-a-glance reports on an assortment of oral health indicators for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Subjects for each include dental care utilization, oral health status, attitudes and oral health knowledge, fluoridation rates, reimbursement rates to providers, dentist to population ratios, and percentage of dentists who […]

Confronting our fear: Public health and the study of guns

As two shooters made final preparations to orchestrate a massacre in San Bernadino, a group of physicians were on Capitol Hill with petition in hand to demand an end to the Congressional ban on federally-funded gun violence research: the so-called “Dickey Amendment.” According to the Huffington Post, one day prior to 2015’s 353rd United States mass shooting, […]

What if all Florida communities had the same opportunities for health?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] 8,000 Premature Deaths in Florida Could Be Prevented If All Florida Counties Had the Same Opportunity to Be Healthy New Report Highlights Health Gaps among Florida’s Counties  and Details Strategies for Improvement If we gave all Floridians a fair shot at being healthy, we could prevent nearly 8,000 premature deaths every year, according to […]

Who’s working collaboratively to build healthy communities?

From Seattle to Miami, collaborative leaders are working together for community resilience and health. ReThink Health recently released a new report, Multi-sector Partnerships for Health: 2014 Pulse Check Findings, profiling 133 initiatives nationwide that are driving health systems change. Report highlights include:   Florida’s communities listed in the report include the Bithlo Transformation Effort, Hialeah Healthy Families […]

Four ways to stay healthy during a hurricane

Four ways to protect your health during hurricane season By: Katharine Orr, FIHI Blogger Tropical storms and hurricanes are a norm for Floridians and its visitors, and most people prepare for them by taking measures to protect their homes and businesses. Indeed this is an important task, however the risks imposed by extreme tropical weather continue […]

Crime in Liberty City as a Public Health Issue

Originally published in the Miami Herald June 15, 2015 as an op-ed written by Dr. Roderick King. In recent months, the nightly news opens with stories of crime, violence, poverty and disparity in America’s cities and then, quite often, right before signing off, it presents a somewhat lighter feature giving us ways to improve our […]