June 16, 2016 (West Palm Beach, FL) – The Florida Institute for Health Innovation expresses our sorrow and support for the LGBT community in Orlando and abroad and for the loved ones of those killed at the Pulse nightclub. This atrocity reminds us that in 2016 the LGBT community remains marginalized due to discrimination, rhetoric and hate. We pledge to recognize and address the attitudes and systems that perpetrate homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, racism and other forms of bias and discrimination.

The Institute acknowledges the lasting psychological effects of this event and we encourage the use of a trauma-informed approach when assisting individuals affected by this experience and other forms of violence. We will continue to advocate for policies and programs that address the needs of this community and will address the often ignored issues of mental health and traumatic stress.

In our work to achieve equity for disregarded and disenfranchised populations, the Institute will draw from the collective strength and fortitude shown by the global LGBT community as an example of shared action for social change.

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