Palm Beach County Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Team

Key to a FIMR program’s success is the dedication and compassion of its community stakeholders and the collaboration of parents and families who come together with the shared goal of improving the well-being of women, infants and families. The PBC-FIMR program is currently seeking membership for both its Case Review Team (CRT) and Community Action Group (CAG).

By joining the FIMR team, you will play a vital role in helping to reduce the incidence of fetal and infant mortality, improve pregnancy outcomes, and provide much needed support to parents and families facing a pregnancy loss or death of an infant in Palm Beach County.

For more information or to request to join the PBC-FIMR team, please email

Case Review Team (CRT)


The CRT seeks to engage health care providers, social workers, mental health professionals, health department staff, and other maternal/child health professionals in Palm Beach County. CRT members will meet monthly to review fetal/infant death case summaries presented by FIMR abstractors.

The purpose of CRT meetings is to identify strengths and weaknesses in healthcare and social services received by the mothers in each fetal/infant death case. The CRT will also identify gaps in maternal support and provide recommendations for improvements in services for each case. These recommendations will then be presented to the community action group.

 CRT Role:

  • Information processor of the FIMR program
  • Reviews and analyzes the information collected in interviews and medical data abstractions
  • Summarizes findings and create recommendations to improve the community’s service delivery systems and community resources.

Community Action Group (CAG)


The CAG seeks to engage elected officials, community members, community leaders, advocates, health professionals, and representatives from the health department, justice system, transportation, housing, and other leaders who are key to systems change. The CAG will work together to create actionable steps leading to improvement in community resources and healthcare services for Palm Beach County families.

 The CAG will meet monthly to review the findings and recommendations made by the CRT. The CAG will use these findings to foster the implementation of policies and programs that decrease disparities in fetal and infant mortality; introducing systemic change protocol to reduce the number of fetal and infant deaths in Palm Beach County.

CAG Role:

  • Develop new and creative solutions to improve services and resources for families from the recommendations made by the case review team
  • Enhance the credibility and visibility of issues related to parents, infants and families within the broader community by informing stakeholders about the need for these actions through presentations, media events and written reports
  • Work with the community to implement interventions that will improve services and resources
  • Determine if the needs of the community are changing over time and decide which interventions should be added or altered to meet the needs
  • Safeguard successful FIMR systems changes from being discontinued in the future

The Florida Institute for Health Innovation receives support for the PBC-FIMR program from the following valuable partners: