Florida Environmental Health Hazard Hub

Building health capacity and resilience to environmental hazards.

Enhancing Florida’s Environmental Health Capacity through Data, Partnerships, and Interventions.

The Environmental Health Hazard Hub initiative is a coordinated effort to ensure safe and healthy environments and improve community health status. Our goal is to strengthen environmental health (EH) capacity to detect, prevent, and control environmental health hazards through data-driven, evidence-based approaches.
Data Modernization Can Improve Public Health
As an Environmental Health Hazard Hub and Public Health Institute, the Florida Institute for Health Innovation (FIHI) already has access to several state, regional, County and partner databases. Our work to date has been using these databases as unlinked resources. Through this lens, we have a view of the landscape of environmental health data, as well as of what key data is missing. We are teamed with the Florida Clinicians for Climate Action (FCCA), a coalition of health professionals and health organizations concerned about the impacts of climate change on Florida residents, especially those in vulnerable populations.
Our Objective: Build a mapping and data architecture framework for environmental response and assessment of risks and their impacts to vulnerable populations in terms of:
How can we use EH data to inform decision making?
We are piloting innovative and interdisciplinary resources to:
Our focus areas are mental health, climate resilience, equity, affordable housing, and emergency preparedness/response.

CDC’s Environmental Health Capacity (EHC) Initiative

CDC is developing world-class data and analytics to transform today’s reality and meet new opportunities for lifesaving prevention and response.
Goal: To transform CDC and partners from a culture of primarily historical data analytics to predictive data science supported by modern IT platforms and enterprise services that facilitate CDC’s public health mission.

The EHC (https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/ehs/ehc/index.html) funding opportunity provides funding to increase the capacity of public health agency and health department EH programs. EH capacity is a crucial part of protecting the nation’s public health. FIHI is in the initial year of the 5-year award. In the long term, EHC recipient findings will be used to improve overall EH practice. As we better identify, understand, and apply evidence-based best practices, we expect to see a reduction in EH hazards. This will demonstrate the value and importance of EH program services and interventions and will enhance public health department EH program performance, capacity, agility, and resilience.

Our project aligns with this initiative as we identify environmental health data needs and help address those needs through research, innovation, and improvements to the capacity of public health information sharing.

Definition of Environmental Health

Environmental health is the science and practice of preventing human injury and illness and promoting well-being by: 

Understanding Best Practices Helps Everyone

More Information Coming Soon!

Funding for this project has been provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC-RFA-EH20-2005). 

FCCA’s mission is to engage Florida’s health professionals to learn about the health harms of climate change and advocate for equitable solutions that protect the community and support a sustainable future.


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This Hub is an extension of the Hurricane Hazard Hub