Strategic Priority

Mobilizing for Improved Fetal and Infant Mortality


Over 21,000 infants in the United States died in 2018 due to birth defects, preterm birth and low birth weight, maternal pregnancy complications, sudden infant death syndrome, or injuries such as suffocation.

Florida Institute for Health Innovation in order to improve fetal and infant health outcomes, partnered up with the Florida Department of Health and Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County to lead the county’s Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Program. FIMR program is a community-based program that aims to research how to prevent fetal and infant deaths through evidence-based processes. It also serves as a resource for women, children, and infants while engaging them to take action.

Reducing and Closing Gap

We reduce and close the gap in fetal and infant health disparities throughout the Palm Beach County region. 

Elevating and Monitoring

We evaluate and monitor how current health care systems serve and impact the local families depending on the services.  

Support and Advocacy

At FIHI we provide support and advocate for families who have recently lost a child as well as provide a review of process and community action plan to implement programs and policies that safeguard families.