Natural Disasters, Response and Technology for Advancing Continuity of Care

March 6 – March 9th, 2022

Join the Florida Institute for Health Innovation for an exciting and forward-looking conversation on the role technology can play in improving healthcare continuity before, during, and after a disaster or public health emergency.

This series delivers a powerful panel presentation with population health innovators, a fireside chat with groundbreaking technology leadership, and an insightful Q&A with companies, investors, and practitioners. The series will address issues facing people and places hit hardest by natural disasters such as hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, and Irma, and environmental catastrophes and public health emergencies; and focus on first response solutions for mobile and telehealth connectivity and interoperability.

Moderator and Panelist
Wednesday, March 9th | 12:30 – 3:15PM

Dr, Joseph F. West

Chief Executive Officer

Florida Institute for Health Innovation