A healthy mouth is essential to overall health, but this understanding isn’t reflected in either public thinking or public policy. A communications toolkit from the FrameWorks Institute, commissioned by the DentaQuest Foundation, offers evidence-based recommendations and sample communications for shifting thinking and building understanding.

This new multimedia toolkit includes:

The toolkit serves as a valuable resource to support the Oral Health 2020 Network when designing and using framed communications to advance themes that promote a shared understanding of the value of oral health, equity, and other topics that connect oral health to overall health. These resources will not only deepen our ability to develop skills that can elevate oral health issues, but will also align our voices for greater impact.

Please visit http://bit.ly/oralhealthtoolkit to access the toolkit.

Also be sure to check out the DentaQuest Message Memo, Unlocking the Door to New Thinking: Frames for Advancing Oral Health Reform, which provides the foundational resources from which the FrameWorks toolkit was created.

The FrameWorks Institute and the Oral Health 2020 Network are interested in your feedback. Are there more resources that you would like to see added to the toolkit? Is there additional support you need to help implement the framing recommendations? Take a short survey to share your thoughts.

 FrameWorks Institute’s research and resources on reframing oral health were supported by a grant from the DentaQuest Foundation.

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