Oral Health Consumer Advisory Council

A network of parents and professionals committed to improving oral health for children

Join Today

Call us at (561) 838-4444 or email dlewald@flhealthinnovation.org for more information. 

In partnership with Catalyst Miami, FIHI has formed and is facilitating a consumer advisory council to provide a deeper understanding of the barriers to oral health care and inform state programs and policies. This statewide consumer group gathers the perspective of those that are typically unheard in planning and decision-making processes, including people working with disenfranchised families and children as well as the people who experience the consequences of inequity. Download and share our 2018 Oral Health Consumer Advisory Council Brochure.

We are seeking individuals from different parts of the state to include:

  • Parents who are likely to be impacted by barriers to children’s dental care.
  • Individuals working at the community level with parents of vulnerable children. You should have a good sense of the needs of parents and children – what are some health care barriers communities face? What are some suggestions for how to address those barriers?


  • You will have the opportunity to openly share your thoughts and experiences to help improve the oral health care system for Florida’s most vulnerable children.
  • You will serve as a voice for your peers, family and community and help make a difference in oral health programs and policies.
  • Sharing your opinions and stories will help advocate for improvements in our state.


Virtual Meetings

The virtual meetings/conference calls are designed to allow you to participate during sessions that interest you. Before each meeting, we will send an agenda with topics and key questions for the session.

Conference calls will be held once monthly on the following dates.

  • Friday, January 26   10am – 11am
  • Friday, February 23 10am -11am
  • Wednesday, April 11 2pm – 3pm
  • Friday, May 4            10am – 11am
  • Tuesday, May 29          9am – 10am
  • Tuesday, July 10   9:30am – 10:30am

Access to Experts

Each meeting will include a short presentation from a guest speaker/expert on a new oral health topic and a Q&A session. Following the expert presentations, we will facilitate a discussion to learn about your experiences with accessing and utilizing oral health services for children.

Tentative topics for upcoming presentations include:

  • Ask the Expert Session on Silver Diamine Fluoride-A New Treatment to Fight Cavities
  • Children’s Dental Health Month: How to be an Oral Health Advocate
  • Oral Health Messaging
  • Oral Health Policy 101
  • Network Impact Stories
  • School-based Oral Health Efforts