Collective Impact for Healthy Communities.

Innovative Collaborations.
Promising Results.

Healthy communities are characterized not only by the absence of illness but by attributes that promote well-being and enable a high quality of life. Broad-based engagement of local people, partners, and public and private investments move us towards better, long-lasting solutions. 

Our Impact

Building Community Resilience & Health Outreach

Across Florida, we develop research initiatives and partnerships to improve access to healthcare specialists skilled in addressing physical, environmental, behavioral, and mental health needs, thereby enhancing the resilience of the targeted communities to future health challenges. FIHI provides training and technical assistance in results-based strategy and implementation, community mobilization, and engagement to increase collaboration between residents, volunteers, and community leaders from every region of the state.

FIHI has driven innovative cross-sector collaboration between the global health sectors of public health, agriculture, and veterinary medicine, providing training for a group of 35 public health, agriculture, and veterinary medicine professionals from 12 Caribbean countries: Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Cuba, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Throughout the West Indies, our series of four leadership training focused on collaborative, results-based leadership skills such as team building, strategic planning, managing conflict, interest-based negotiation, leading change, and managing accountability amongst strategic partners.

Advancing Provider and Community Health Resource Partnerships

Improving Care for Florida’s Vulnerable Populations

We believe every person deserves the environment, support, and opportunity for the best health and well-being. Systemic and environmental vulnerabilities persist, influencing health choices, behaviors, and outcomes. Our work brings together provider and community health resource partnerships to improve overall care for Florida’s Medicaid-eligible children.

Poor, disabled, and rural children suffer from significant gaps in health care. Contributing factors such as food access, provider ratings, and equitable resources for prevention are directly associated with health outcomes and healthcare costs. We identified health providers and networks willing to advance new models of care coordination and risk management. We’re aligning partnerships with specialists, pediatricians, pediatric nurses, and community health centers to advocate for every child to access essential health care, no matter their address, ability to pay, or insurance status.

Children in pain cannot learn, and this demographic’s substantial health risks impair educational attainment and long-term life opportunities. FIHI connects individuals at the neighborhood level with decision-makers and policy influencers to improve access to preventive care for Florida’s most vulnerable children. We have led state-wide efforts to unite a cross-sector group of providers and academic, public health, philanthropic, state, community, and corporate partners to improve every child’s overall health and well-being.

Engaged and Leading a National Public Health Dialogue

Building an Integrated and Highly Effective Primary Care System

New models of primary and preventive care are emerging. FIHI aims to lead in research, advancement, and facilitation of innovative models for advance payment, specialty care, and care coordination. Building partnerships between mange care organizations, forward-thinking providers, and community leaders begin with the goal of maximizing and leveraging healthcare safety-net resources to lower risks, manage costs and increase access to healthcare.

Our work is evolving to include a diverse group of stakeholders, including legislative affairs, human services, hospitals, insurance providers, community colleges, and medical school faculty to deliver research and advisory partnerships for: